Personal Branding :D Jessi and Airi

Computer Project Personal Response

The video that we made happens to be a bit random, and oddly enough, that’s a main message we tried to get across; Airi and I are quite random people. But along with that, there are other descriptive words like creative, caring, and imaginative. Creative was chosen because I think that the project itself proved to be fairly creative and unique as Airi and I are too. When I asked people to describe Airi and I they told us that we were caring, though it may not have been so clearly expressed through the video, the emoticon used quite often in this presentation was the “(>^.^)>☮” or “O<(^.^<)” and this is known as the “give you a cookie” or “giving peace” and both Airi and I use it to show generosity to people via the internet at times or when simply drawing.   And the word imaginative was chosen because (not only are we imaginative) but we took pictures and made them into different things to prove our point, for example, Airi and I running in the hallway was changed to us flying.

This video also showed some “likes” for example favorite music artists (with album covers being used as some of the backgrounds), cookies, peace, and favorite colors. Even the music was chosen from Owl City, and it comes from the album used for one of my backgrounds. This video was made to show particular talents as well, for example this presentation is constructed out of only photos, over 300 of them, all edited. I love to work with photography and editing on photoshop. Even one of the backgrounds is a photo of me in photoshop tracing the letter “R”.  Also a short soccer clip is put in to show that I play soccer as a mid- striker and that Airi is a goalie. And things not as noticeable are included like, I love to draw as well so that’s why I have several clips of us tracing letters and simple objects in the movie. – It also shows things that people who know me well would recognize for example: the random little dance is something my friends call “the Jessi Awkward Dance” and I also have me firing an imaginary gun, shown before the soccer scene, which I tend to do a lot.

As mentioned before I love to work with photos and editing them so while Airi and I both took photos, I did the photoshopping and editing and taught Airi how to use some tools in photoshop so she could help me with that.  Quite a few hours were spent on it in order to get all the photos and to edit it them, but luckily Airi and I get along very well so there weren’t any difficulties with group members while making the project. 🙂

Here is the video:

16 thoughts on “Personal Branding :D Jessi and Airi

  1. You’re friggin awesome, jess. Seriously. I could never do that, i’d get stuck on the taking photos part. No joke. Nice job. 🙂

    (>^.^)>O yay for cookies!

  2. I love you+ Airi’s branding video!
    You must have worked so hard taking 300 photos and combining it to make your video..
    Totally impressed! 🙂

  3. I love your video!! It’s reeeally creative and I was so shocked when I first saw it, because of your awesome photo shop skills. 😀 Great job!!

  4. Your video was so so so so good. It put ours to shame. It really showed JESSI and your hobbies and what makes you, you. 🙂
    IT WAS AMAZING blarlarlar <3

  5. I thought your movie was creative and I can tell that you guys put lots of effort since you took pictures and combined them like a video. Great work 🙂

    Of your awesome editing skills, cookies, and smiley cookie faces >:D

    I pretty much said the same thing on Airi’s blog, if you were wondering…

  7. Jessi and Airi.
    This is amazing work.
    I would have never been able to make something as OUTSTANDING as that.
    You have to teach me how to do that sometime.
    Great job!

  8. The video was awesome! It showed that you worked hard on it. It was very original and creative. I really enjoyed watching it ;D

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